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 Trajixs Vanilla War

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PostSubject: Trajixs Vanilla War   Mon Sep 14, 2015 5:13 pm

Hello ladies and gentlewads of Team Kaliber. I am gonna be hosting a tournament that should be a interesting change of pace from how todays game is played. As by the topic you should this will have something with normal monsters. Well thats it. We are gonna be using normal monsters to fight each other.

The Rules for making your deck tournament legal is as follows:

1. Only one copy per monster in your deck (as in like one Blue-Eyes is legal in your deck, but not two, just one)

2. Geminis are not allowed.

3. Normal Pendulum monsters are not allowed.

4. Monsters with Effects are not allowed. (Obviously)

5. Extra Decks are allowed if the fusion monsters themselves dont have a eff attached to them. Only one copy per fusion monster

6. Spell/Trap cards are legal as long as they are TCG/OCG only. No banned spells and traps

7. You may have more than one copy of a Spell/Trap card in your deck as the current banlist allows.

8. Ritual Monsters are allowed if they dont have effects attached to them.

9. No XYZ or Syncro Monsters.

10. Decks must be 60 cards.

11. You are allowed to have unlimited amount of cards in your hand

12. No side decks.

The duels for the tournament will be matches. Each duelist must win 2/3 duels in order to advance to the next round.

Just let me know if yall are willing to join. Not sure when this thing will kick off but meh. Lets have some fun if this does kick off Very Happy

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Trajixs Vanilla War
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