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 Team Kaliber battle ranking system.

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PostSubject: Team Kaliber battle ranking system.    Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:57 pm

This is gonna be a small little event that we can all join. This battle ranking system is gonna be a healthy competition between all members of the team.

The goal is to obtain the highest spot on the list proving you are the best duelist in the team.

Rules: All games will be matches. All wins have to be posted under this topic. To go up the list you must defeat the member who has the next highest spot to your spot.

Banned decks: Exodia, Burn, and any alt win condition decks.


1. Shadow_Master_3189
2. Trajix
3. Grimxreaper57
4. _Aphla_
5. darrenvip
6. SilentAnarchy61
7. Stardustwarrior123
8. ClutchClaire<3
9. dash123mama
10. rob302
11. FiendFyre666

Best of luck to everyone Very Happy
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Team Kaliber battle ranking system.
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